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Other Services

In the unlikely event that damage to your glass should occur, our professional repair service is so important and can save you potential costs down the road. Get in touch with our experts. They’ll respond quickly to get your repair completed.

24-hour emergency service
If nasty weather or flying debris should unexpectedly destroy your window, glass storefront or industrial glass panel, you can rely on our emergency service to handle any repair! Day or night – simply dial 718 643-2015 and we’ll get to the site immediately!

Repair service
You need to act quickly for necessary repairs to glass storefronts, windows and other areas. Call us at 718 643-2015. We’re always there to take your call. We’ll make an appointment and get the job done without delay!

Whatever service you require our expert installers and repair service team will be on hand to provide the advice you need. We provide free estimates and promise to assist you with insurance claims when necessary.